Get Connected



We are a body of believers who love God and one another. The best way to get involved is simply come. We have many weekly gatherings and would be pleased to have you join us at any of them. Our primary services are Sunday Morning Family Bible Class at 9:30 am, Sunday Worship Service at 10:45 am, Sunday Evening Service at 5:30 pm (check the event calendar for evenings services) and Wednesday Evening Prayer Service.


We have ministries for Adults, Teens, Children, and ESL.

Shepherd Groups

We meet together monthly in Elder-led small groups called Shepherd Groups for the purpose of Biblical fellowship and support of one another. Scripture commands us to "one-another" each other, and the small group is a helpful tool for you to build relationships with others with the goal of serving each other.


Foundations Class

We invite all those who are interested in learning more about Calvary Bible Church or becoming a member to join in our Foundations of Calvary introductory class. This class is offered periodically throughout the year during our Family Bible Class time.  It is designed to help attendees find out more about what God is doing at CBC and how they can be a unique part of it. The class explains clearly who we are, where we are coming from, and where we are going. Over a period of six to ten weeks, the class will learn about and discuss what it means to be a Christian, the symbols and result of salvation, the church's statement of faith and purpose, our objectives and strategy, the framework of leadership, membership, and "followship," concluding with the church's commitments and leading to an open opportunity for members of the class to commit to official membership to the church.



Any person who has accepted Christ as personal Savior who gives assurance of a desire to live a consistent Christian life; who has received or gives assurance of willingness to receive, the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's supper; and who gives assurance of a willingness to abide by the Constitution and accepts the doctrinal statement of this church, shall be eligible for membership.


Service Opportunities

Jump in and serve where you are gifted. God has given you certain abilities and gifts that are designed by Him to serve the church. Start with what you enjoy doing or where you see the need most. Below is a possible options for you to consider. Jump in and get to work loving our God and loving His people!

We value everyone's time and effort to serve the church, and we also place a strong emphasis on accountability.


  • Play Piano/Organ/Other Instruments

  • Choir

  • Solo - Instrumental/Vocal

  • Ensemble - Instrumental/Vocal


  • Family Bible Church - Children

  • Family Bible Church - Adult

  • Children’s Church

  • Working with International singles/families

  • Home Bible Study

  • Children’s Bible Clubs/VBS

  • Teen Ministries

  • Single Adult Ministries

  • Discipleship/Follow-up Ministries

  • Thursday Evenings Institute on Biblical Theology

  • Ladies Ministry and Bible Studies

  • Men's Ministry and Bible Studies

  • Counseling


  • Ushers/Greeters

  • Nursery Ministries

  • Visitation

  • Building and Grounds Maintenance

  • Banquets/Fellowships Assistance

  • Secretarial

  • Finance Committee

  • Meals for those in need

  • Crisis Care

  • Church Decoration