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As a ministry of Calvary Bible Church, Teens ALIVE focuses on the declaration of the Gospel of Jesus and its power to save teenagers for God's glory. Teens ALIVE meets regularly on Sundays during the Sunday Morning Family Bible Class, and also on Wednesday nights during the Wednesday evening prayer meeting.

Love, learn, live Christ

It is the privilege of parents to rear their children in such a way that they grow up loving Christ, learning Christ, and living Christ in the realm of the church.  Parenting is a daunting task, but God's grace gives wisdom and insight in child training. Getting to the heart of each young person and speaking gospel truths into that heart is the primary goal of every believing parent, and the church is God's designed method of ministering grace in parenting.

It is the goal of CBC to aid the parents in this task.  The teens meet together as a group on Sunday mornings during the Sunday School time to learn more about Christ with the aim of loving Him and living Him.  They learn of Christ through carefully prepared studies from Scripture with a goal of verbally communicating gospel truths, as well as, visually communicating through relational discipleship.  

Fellowship times

In addition to Sundays and Wednesday, the youth also enjoy periodic activities designed to not only provide good fellowship, but also to give the youth staff opportunities to build relationships for the purpose of gospel ministry into the lives of these young people.

Our young people are the future of our church.  The youth group is a special tool made available for the parent to allow another voice to constantly speak the truths of the gospel into their children's hearts.

More information about ALIVE can be found on the ALIVE Facebook page. All teachers for our teens undergo training and thorough background checks by Protect My Ministry.