In Pursuit of God's Glory

We say on a pretty regular basis at CBC, “All of life is all about God!” It is more true than we will ever begin to know this side of eternity. But it is just one way to say what God’s Word speaks to concerning living life from God’s viewpoint or pursuing the grand glory of God!

The Apostle Paul says it best in 1Corinthians 10:31, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” Someone said, “The glory of God is the revelation of the multi-faceted perfections of God.” It is what humanity was designed by God to do. We were put on earth as humans, made in His divine image, designed and perfectly fitted in the Garden of Eden to reflect His multi-faceted perfections. It is also what we forfeited in our willful pursuit of self-glory and rebellion to God called sin. We no longer hit the mark of His sweet glory. We payed dearly for it. But, God said we would, we just didn’t listen.

Not listening to God is how we continue fail to reflect His glory. Through grace, the people of God have received the perfect righteousness of Christ. This grace grants us a wonderful and blessed platform on which we can now begin to live a life reflecting His perfections as Christ lives in us and through us. It is a life that is lived by faith each day in full dependence on Christ but it is also a life filled with opportunities to function in a dark world where grace is missing. It is a life that must be filled with the Words of Christ. Hearing His Word begins with listening with a heart of humble dependence on Him alone. The clear teaching of the Word is thus the fundamental function of the church gathered. God’s glory is displayed when people from all walks of life come humbly to sit at the feet of the Living Word through the medium of the spoken Word where the Spirit takes the Word to the life of the hearer and brings spiritual growth in understanding of the multi-faceted glories of God. This life begins then to show forth His glory to a world that desperately needs to see Christ! It is a supernatural work of Christ in us that shows itself in a life transformed by grace that becomes a sweet mirror of reflection of the beauty of Jesus and His Gospel. There truly is nothing in the world like the church when it is living in pursuit of God’s glory.

May God’s glory drive us to the preaching of the Word and to the hearing of the Word preached! May we hunger for the power and presence of God each week as we gather and may our hearts rejoice with great gladness as we meet. And, may the glory of God be proclaimed from the rooftop of not only our building, but may our very lives speak of His sweet glory and grace all through the week!

Eric Sipe